Merries Pants

Qualities of Merries Pants:We only sell Japanese DOMESTIC version
  • "Air Through" micro porous material and special evaporative "ventilation tunnels" guarantee the effect of absolutely dry skin.
  • Super elastic point-gathers around the baby’s legs easily stretch, provide a baby with total freedom and never rub.
  • Inflation indicator will show when it’s time to change a baby’s nappy. 2 stripes change their colour to blue as it gets full.
  • The pants` inner surface is made of a soft cotton, which carefully protects the baby’s tender skin from any irritation.
  • “Magic hazel” Hamamelis extract will prevent any inflammation or dermatitis in the areas where the nappy`s surface touches baby’s skin.
  • Utilisation without smell! A nappy once removed can be tightened into a compact roll keeping your home safe from any unpleasant smell.
Made by Kao Corporation, Tokyo, Japan
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