Merries Nappies

Description of Merries Nappies
We only sell Japanese DOMESTIC version
  • Thanks to originally designed micro porous material «Air Through» the Merries nappy has a superb level of breathability.
  • The latest innovation: a frame made of special airy mesh designed exactly in a shape of baby’s buttocks guarantees the tight contact of a nappy with skin and thus provides the child with absolute freedom of movement.
  • The nappy`s inner surface is made of soft cotton that carefully protects the baby’s tender skin from any irritation.
  • Extract from “magic hazel” Hamamelis would stop any inflammation or dermatitis from appearing in the areas where the nappy’s surface touches the baby’s skin.
  • The indicator of inflation will always let you know when it’s time to change the baby’s nappy: as the nappy gets filled, the 3 stripes change their colour to blue.
Made by Kao Corporation, Tokyo, Japan